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Wedding Charcuterie Board Catering in Northwest Arkansas

Specializing in Wedding Grazing Tables 

wedding graze table ozark charcuterie northwest arkansas (1).jpg

Charcuterie Tables Are Visually Stunning

wedding charcuterie options ozark charcuterie.jpg

Grazing Tables are one of the most popular ways to serve food to wedding guests because they are simple, cost effective, and beautiful to look at.

Easy preparation & setup

Elegantly displayed

Variety of gourmet food

Variety of Wedding Charcuterie Table Options 

Do you want to serve charcuterie at your reception, bridal party, cocktail hour, or after the rehearsal dinner? I have a variety of charcuterie options that can feed a small party or the main event.


no mess corporate event catering ozark charcuterie.png

Main Dish

platters and plates for corporate catering events ozark charcuterie (2).png

Grazing Tables

graze table corporate events ozark charcuterie.jpg

Charcuterie Board for Wedding Cocktail Hour

Bite size portions

Complimentary to cocktails

Mingle & Eat

Delight in a variety of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, flavorful dips, and mouthwatering bites, adding a touch of elegance and indulgence to this special prelude to your reception.

cocktail hour wedding charcuterie.jpg

Wedding Dessert Options

Ozark Charcuterie offers sweet charcuterie boards & tables that rival any wedding cupcakes.

sweet charcuterie cup ozark harcuterie.jpg

Elegant fruit table for wedding reception

Sweet dessert charcuterie cups

Chocolate & pastry graze tables

The perfect food to serve at any wedding event

Options for personalized logo on cups available

savory charcuterie cup ozark charcuterie.jpg
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