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The Charcuterie Map

Takes the Guesswork Out of Creating Stunning Charcuterie Spreads

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*Comes on butcher paper ready to use


Easy Cleanup Butcher Paper


In & Out Shopping With Our Included Ingredients List


Multiple Sizes to Choose From

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Charcuterie Board Layout Template

Are you tired of the guesswork involved in creating a stunning charcuterie board that's both delicious and visually appealing?

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to culinary confidence with our Charcuterie Map – the ultimate tool for crafting the perfect charcuterie masterpiece! Because the Charcuterie Map is on Butcher Paper, it makes cleaning a breeze! Ingredients list and instructions included.

Charcuterie Maps Come In Multiple Sizes

We offer 2 different size variations of charcuterie templates to choose from.

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Simple Charcuterie Board Layout Template

Effortless Charcuterie Setup

Lay out your Charcuterie Map over your cutting board or countertop, and watch as the magic unfolds. This thoughtfully designed template takes the guesswork out of where to place your delectable ingredients, ensuring a balanced and beautiful presentation every time.

Streamlined Cleanup

When the charcuterie party is over, simply lift the paper template and bid adieu to the hassle of crumbs and mess. Your cleanup will be a breeze, leaving you with more time to savor the memories you've created.

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