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Graduation Catering with Ozark Charcuterie

Graduation is a momentous occasion, and at Ozark Charcuterie, we're here to ensure your celebration is unforgettable. Our graduation catering services are designed to elevate your event with premium quality food that will impress your guests.

Catering Cups  ($8)

Charcuterie Boats ($6)

Any Box of Platter Size - Starting at $20

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Do You Have 70+ Graduation Party Guests? Ask About Our Charcuterie Graze Table Options

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Graduation Party Menu Options Tailored to Your Needs

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Cups ($8)

Perfect for individual servings, our cups are filled with a delicious selection of meats, cheeses, fruits, and more.

Boats ($6)

​Our boats offer a budget-friendly option for smaller gatherings, filled with a variety of gourmet delights to satisfy your guests.

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Any Box or Platter Size

  • XL Box (feeds ~25-30 people) - $275

  • Large Box (feeds ~18 people) - $160

  • Medium Box (feeds ~10 people) - $100

  • Small Box (feeds ~4 people) - $55

  • Extra Small Box (feeds ~2 people) - $20

  • 14" Round Platter (feeds ~6) - $100

  • 1'x2' Platter (feeds 15 people) - $145

Why Choose Ozark Charcuterie for Graduation Catering?

Customization and Ease of Ordering

  • We make it easy for you and your guests to choose exactly what you want with our customizable options. Simply fill out our form and let us handle the rest!

  • Whether you're celebrating with a small group or a large gathering, we have options to accommodate your needs and budget.

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