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How to Make Breakfast Charcuterie Cups

Breakfast AND Charcuterie? Yeah, I was on board the moment this was even a possibility.

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Specifically, powdered donuts. Like I have a problem. I have to ration them out for the week and only limit myself to a certain amount a day. It is that bad. Anyways back to the breakfast cups. I knew I wanted to include mini powdered donuts in some way. Duh.

After pulling myself out of the donut bag, I began thinking on the other items I wanted to add to the cup. Did I want it to all be sweet? Or mix in some savory to it as well? Of course, I found myself pinteresting and afterwards I really didn't feel that much better about the direction I wanted to go. I started looking at some past cups of mine that weren't breakfast related to think through the way I wanted it to look.

Charcuterie Cups with pretzel rods, cheese, meat, fruit, cucumbers and garnish
Charcuterie Cups with Pretzel Rod

You can see here that I have a pretzel rod and I really like that, so as I dove back into my donut bag (oopsie) my mind drifted to bacon.

Side note: When I am creating something new, every part of the creation kind of hits me at once. Sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming as I am trying to not forget any piece of it. Maybe some of you creatives can relate?

Anyways, once the bacon came into the picture, I had the rest of it solved. I would put a mini pancake or waffle with a tiny syringe of syrup sticking out of it, some fruit (skewered and as weight to hold the cup down), half of a hard boiled egg covered with everything but the bagel seasoning, a mini powdered or chocolate covered donut (I’m not unreasonable, people), a slice bacon and mint for garnish.

Whew. Now to actually build them.

The night before:

I prep as much as I can the night before any order but especially this one. I spent an ungodly amount of time filling 100 tiny syringes with syrup. Then skewered 50 mini powdered donuts and 50 mini chocolate covered donuts, put 200 stickers on the 100 cups and washed the fruit.

The morning of:

We were up at 5am ready to goooooo (back to bed). My husband, Chris, is my only employee - who gets paid in food scraps. While I warmed up the mini pancakes by Belgian Boys, Chris cooked the bacon. Next, I skewered the pancakes and strawberries on one skewer and skewered 3 blueberries on each mini donut skewer. Once those things were done, we began assembling the cups. We had a really good system going and worked in sets of 20 cups at a time to not get too overwhelmed.

Once the cups were all assembled, we immediately delivered them to my client and took a huge sigh of relief.

A breakfast charcuterie cup with bacon, hard boiled egg, mini pancake, syrup, fruit and mint
Breakfast Charcuterie Cup

Breakdown of a breakfast charcuterie cup:

  • 1 slice of bacon

  • 1/2 hard boiled egg slightly sprinkled with Everything But The Bagel seasoning

  • Syringe of syrup

  • Small skewer (Mini pancake from Belgian Boys and half of a strawberry)

  • Large skewer (1 mini donut and 3 blueberries)

  • Handful of raspberries to weigh down the cup

  • Mint for garnish

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These look delicious! I’m not a breakfast eater, but I would definitely eat a breakfast charcuterie cup!!

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